Simon Building

Lactation room in Simon building

View the arrangements for room S 306 in Simon Building.

and is freely accessible to staff and students. This room is equipped with a comfortable chair, a refrigerator, and small pantry with running water. This room can be locked from the inside.

The procedures for the use of lactation room S 306 are as follows:

Are you an employee?

  • Employees can then reserve the lactation room themselves by checking the availability on the Outlook Calendar (Location = S 306 Lactation room) and selecting the desired time slot for expressing milk.

Are you a student?

  • Prior to the lactation period, visit Safety & Security (Vigilant building). Safety & Security will check the electronic calendar (Outlook) to see if the desired lactation room is already being used by more students or staff as a lactation room. Then, a reservation will be made for the student in this agenda by Safety & Security.

After the lactation period

The student informs Safety & Security that the lactation period is completed.