Students walking in the Koopmans building

De Dag van Werken en Leren (DDWL)

Date: Time: 12:00 Location: LocHal/online

On September 30th Tilburg University, together with the Bibliotheek Midden-Brabant, Ivy Career and the Leerwerkloket, organizes De Dag van Werken en Leren.

The value of work

Work is of great importance to people. You earn you livelihood with it. However, the value of labor is much greater. By working you actively participate in society, you socialize with colleagues and others, you use your talents and skills and you can further develop yourself. Research shows that people who have jobs, demonstrably feel happier and healthier than people who are unemployed against their will.

Continue to develop

In order to work, you have to keep learning. After all, work is changing and new requirements are constantly being set. "Soft skills" are also needed: being creative, communication, presentation, working in teams and so on. Lifelong development is also important for companies and organizations, because they want to have people with the right skills at their disposal. In addition, learning new things is also just fun.

De Dag van Werken en Leren (DDWL)

During DDWL you can participate in both online and offline events. You can explore your talents, learn how to apply for jobs using your skills, rather than your career history, get tools to maintain your mental health whilst working from home, and discover new ways to communicate with your team by using Lego.

Stay up to date

Leading up to DDWL on September 30th, there will be pre-events in the lochal or online, starting on September 9th with “Bluffing for Women”.
On the website you can see the program of last year. Soon you will be able to sign up for the workshops of 2020. Visit for more information.