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Education Minister awards grant to Tilburg University Junior

Published: 13th June 2019 Last updated: 18th November 2022

Ingrid van Engelshoven, the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, has approved a grant application for the Students4Students project of Tilburg University Junior (Science Hub). The project is part of the Students-4-Students (S4S) campaign that she launched in 2017 to stimulate ‘Giving Back’ activities in projects on diversity and equal opportunities in higher education.

Tilburg University wants all its students to have the sense that they belong. The Tilburg project is primarily aimed at students with a migration background, but also focuses on other student groups. As student-assistants,  they are involved in introducing secondary school children to science. In this way, the students gain work experience within the academic world, they expand their networks, and they help to build a community to increase that sense of belonging. They also act as role models for other students and young people. The grant for this three-year project amounts to € 200,000.

In addition, the university strives to bring students into contact with science, which should be accessible to everyone. For some students, however, this is not a matter of course and with this project the university can give them a helping hand.

Tilburg University Junior (Science Hub),IMC Weekendschool Tilburg, Stichting Move Tilburg, and Babylon (Tilburg University’s Center for the Study of Superdiversity) work together in this project. Tilburg University Junior is part of a national network of Science Hubs. Tilburg University Junior develops programs aimed at children in primary and secondary education.

Note to editors
For more information, please contact spokesperson Tineke Bennema, phone 06 - 1967 8521.