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AI Forward Forum Talk Series: Claudio Pinhanez

Date: Time: 17:00 Location: Online

On September 29, 17:00, Dr. Claudio Pinhanez (IBM Research Brazil) will give an online talk entitled "New Opportunities and Challenges in Conversational Systems".


This talk addresses new challenges and opportunities in conversational systems after a decade of tremendous scientific progress and commercial success. I will explore some of the recent advances in Foundation Models and how they are bringing new challenges and opportunities for the design and development of conversational agents. I will review some results of my research regarding some of those challenges and opportunities and discuss new design frameworks to address them.


Claudio Pinhanez is a scientist, innovator, and professor. He leads research in Conversational Intelligence in the laboratory of IBM Research in Brazil. He is also the Deputy Director of the C4AI, the Center for Artificial Intelligence created by a partnership of University of São Paulo, IBM, and FAPESP. Claudio is an expert in artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction, conversational systems, and service science. He has worked with AI since he got his PhD at the MIT Media Laboratory in 19999 and has more than 150 papers published in journals and scientific conferences, and more than 30 patents issued in the USA, Europe, and Japan.


The event is organized by AI Forward Forum. The Forum is an initiative that was started by two PhD Candidates at the Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, Julija Vaitonyte and Judita Rudokaite. Learn more about the goals of the initiative.