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Community Garden - kickoff event

Date: Time: 14:00 Location: Next to Academia building

Attend the start of the new Tilburg University Community Garden! A space where students and staff could meet as volunteers to put a pause on the increasingly digital and hectic nature of our everyday lives. Before the garden will be constructed and planted, we have to get rid of* some of the existing pavement in the Academia building outdoor area. And we could use your help!

Please note: this event was first planned on July 7, but is now on July 6, 14:00 hrs. 

Join the community in their first steps in the creation of the brand new Community Garden. A place where students and staff come together in an outside environment, plant and nurture the crops of the garden and learn about topics such as sustainability and climate-related matters, while getting to know one another.

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About the idea

At the Opening of the Academic Year 2021/2022, first-year student Lauren Fergus pitched the idea to create a Community Garden on the Tilburg University campus. She envisioned a dedicated space on the edge of campus where flowers could blossom, vegetables could grow, and members of our community could jointly spend time outside for some necessary fresh air, digital detoxing, social encounters, and inspiration.

Time for action

The Tilburg Young Academy is committed to take the idea of a Community Garden forward, together with a group of dedicated and motivated students. The design for the garden has been made, so now it's time for action! We hope to see you on Thursday, July 6, in the afternoon. 

*) Since the Community Garden is an example of the way the Tilburg University wants work towards a sustainable and circular campus, the old pavement will be reused in the new design for the Community Garden.