European Banking Center

11th EBC Network Conference - In cooperation with CEPR

Date: Time: To be announced Location: Tilburg University

The Evolution of the Banking Sector and Financial Stability
  • Tilburg, Netherlands
  • 9-10¬†June, 2022
  • Keynote Speaker: Bruno Biais (HEC Paris and CEPR)

We are inviting high quality submissions of both theoretical and empirical nature on micro- and macroeconomic aspects of financial intermediation. Topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • Technological advances and access to credit;
  • Changing business models of banks and financial stability;
  • Evolving competition in the financial sector;
  • The adequacy of micro and macro-prudential policies to safeguard financial stability;
  • The resolution of failed banks and too-big-to-fail (TBTF);
  • The transmission of monetary policy;
  • Information production and disclosure (e.g., stress tests, accounting statements) and its impact on market discipline and financial stability;
  • Corporate governance at financial institutions;
  • The internationalization of the banking sector.
Further information

The conference will be held at Tilburg University. Tentatively, the program starts Thursday June 9th at 9:00 and ends Friday at 12:30. The program will include up to 11 papers with their discussions, leaving ample time for comments from the audience and for interaction among participants. Presenters and discussants are expected to attend for the whole duration of the conference. More details about the conference and the venue can be found at the website of EBC.

  • Fabio Castiglionesi (EBC, Tilburg University)