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Meeting for researchers interested in the Academic Collaborative Center Wellbeing (Brede Welvaart)

Date: Time: 15:30 Location: M1003 (Montesquieu building)

Would you like to help build the Academic Collaborative Center for Wellbeing (Brede Welvaart) and are you interested in creating social impact together with partners? You are welcome to join the meeting on 10 July for Tilburg University researchers and receive more information about what the center is and may offer to you.

University-wide Academic Collaborative Centers

Hopefully you have heard about the University-wide Academic Collaborative Centers initiative? Such a center is a long-term collaboration between a multidisciplinary community of researchers in the university and several civil society partners,  focusing on creating shared and sustainable prosperity Together, they aim to create  societal impact on societal challenges like the energy transition, reforming the job market, improving health, and combating poverty. 

Wellbeing goes beyond economic developments

The Academic Collaborative Center Wellbeing focuses specifically on economic development beyond GDP. How can we measure, monitor and steer economic policies and decision making in such a way that it is more inclusive of environmental and social aspects of prosperity and progress? For now, we have set up several lines of research in an initial session with partners. The first outline focuses on exploring steering for wellbeing and progress through four themes:

  1. Impact Monitoring
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Institutions
  4. Network Governance. 

Meeting for Tilburg University researchers

The Collaborative Center Wellbeing organizes a meeting for researchers interested in this center on Monday 10 July from 15.30 to 17.00 in M1003. Here we will provide more information on this initiative and the opportunities it may offer to you, such as: 

  • Possibilities to lead / participate in research projects with partners  
  • The possibility to create extra impact on society with your research  
  • A research-community beyond the boundaries of your own discipline and school 
  • Access to a partner-network and data 
  • Enriching education, for example by involving partners in lectures, theses, and internships 
  • Funding opportunities 

Joining the research community now has many advantages, as you can now help build the Center and start involving (prospective) partners for your research. We are curious to hear your ideas when it comes to enhancing wellbeing and co-creation with partner organizations.  


The meeting is organised by the University-Wide Academic Collaborative Center for wellbeing (brede welvaart) and hosted by Prof. Lex Meijdam and Prof. Joks Janssen, the academic leads of the center. 


If you have any questions about the meeting or the Academic Collaborative Center, please contact Michelle te Veldhuis, project manager.