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E-sports: The Missing Link *

The Missing Link is the first annual E-sports Conference of the Netherlands. The aim of the conference is to link the worlds of academia, business and electronic sports (language: English).

Program information
Date Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Time 13:00 - 16:30 hrs.
Location Black Box, Esplanade Building, Tilburg University
Admission Free
Speakers Chrissy Cook, Maria Ruotsalainen, Maurits Meeusen
Moderators Wytske Zevenboom, Jenny Specht Gryp
Organization TSEA Link in cooperation with Academic Forum
Contact Annelieke Koster
*Certificate This activity may count towards the Academic Forum Certificate

Trials and Tribulations

After the great success of last year's event, we will be having a second edition of The Missing Link: Trials and Tribulations! While the first year edition offered an introduction to the e-sports scene in the Benelux, the follow-up will be taking a closer look at the developments since last year, while simultaneously looking at some interesting future developments!


Globally, e-sports is a community with hundreds of millions of members and which has an annual revenue worth billions. The Netherlands has played a significant role in international e-sports, with two of the world’s most competitive teams (Fnatic and Team Liquid) having Dutch roots.


We are happy to announce our conference speakers.

Chrissy Cook

Chrissy is a Canadian researcher with a background primarily in Social Psychology (MPhil, honors with distinction, University of Cambridge) and Psychometrics (B.A., honors, Université de Moncton); presently, she is a PhD candidate in the communications faculty here at Tilburg University studying online behavior, with a specialization in trolling. About her talk she says:

Have you ever wondered what happens to the reports you send in games? For League of Legends, once upon a time, they would be sent to the Tribunal. Nowadays, there is a different system in place, but game companies still get those reports you send. My presentation will talk about the kind of information contained in these reports and some of the types of research a gaming company could do with this information, focusing on a study I myself performed on this type of data. We'll also talk about some of the future of trolling research, using report data and otherwise.

Maria Ruotsalainen

Maria is a PhD student of Digital Culture at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. She wil speak about e-sport in the mainstream media.

In January 2018, Blizzard Entertainment launched a new e-sports league known as the Overwatch League. Revolving around their best-selling video game entitled Overwatch, a team-based first person shooter. The global League brings together the best players who compete under the banners of twelve different teams. The League has been widely promoted and it has stated its ambition to reach out towards potential viewers beyond the “regular” ones - the players and fans of the game. The League has also gained notable media attention. In my presentation, I will examine the ways the Overwatch League is portrayed in the mainstream media, utilizing discourse analysis as my method. I pay attention on the sportification and professionalization of e-sports and examine what kind of cultural space has been carved out for e-sports in mainstream media.

Maurits Meeusen

Maurits is one of the founders of TSEA Link. He will speak about the legal aspects of professional e-sports.

I will speak about the relation between gamers and game companies (Riot, Blizzard).
In contrast to traditional sports, in e-sports, one single company “owns” a sport. How does this affect the position of the professional gamer? By extension, what are the existing structures for sanctioning players in the event of unfair play (cheating, match fixing, moral/ethical issues)? And what possibilities for appeal against league-imposed penalties are open to players? Finally, I will discuss the relationship between professional gamers and teams. What is their bargaining power? How strong is their position? What can be said about the rules of the game in this sense?

When: 22 May 2018 13:00

End date: 22 May 2018 16:30