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Gender Unlimited Festival: Quality Includes Diversity *

This years Gender Unlimited Festival on International Women’s Day will be all about the laureates of the Philip Eijlander Diversity Program. This prestigious program offers extra positions for women with a talent for teaching and research, in order speed up the proportion of women in top positions. (language: English).


Program Information
Date Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Time 13:30 - 17:30 hrs
Location Faculty Club, Tilburg University
Entry free. Please register via the registration form.
Speakers Among others Juliette Schaafsma and Maureen Sie
Language English
Contact Annelieke Koster

Quality Includes Diversity

Gender Policy and Academic Forum kindly invite you to the Gender Unlimited Festival on International Women’s Day, Wednesday March 8. Rector Magnificus Emile Aarts will introduce the laureates of the Philip Eijlander Diversity Program: the prestigious program that offers extra positions for women with a talent for teaching and research, in order speed up the proportion of women in top positions.

The Gender Unlimited Festival aims to increase the awareness of the importance of gender equality and diversity.

Program & Speakers

Opening: Emile Aarts, Rector Magnificus of Tilburg University, will introduce the Philip Eijlander Diversity Program laureates to you.

Keynote speech by Prof. Juliette Schaafsma on Cultural diversity in group culture.

Food for Thought. Students of Faculty Association Asset interview Mariëtte Turkenburg.


  • Workshop 1
    With Angélique Cramer,associate professor of Models & Methods at TSB
    Topic: ‘The glue of (ab)normal mental life: Networks of interacting thoughts & behavior’
  • Workshop 2
    With Maureen Sie, Professor of Philosophy at TSH
    Topic: ‘Stereotypes and prejudices: Whose responsibility?’
  • Workshop 3
    With Linnet Taylor,assistant professor of Data Ethics, Law & Policy at TLS
    Topic: ‘What would global data justice look like? Toward an inclusive framing of informational rights and freedoms.’

Bio’s participants

Juliette Schaafsma

Diversity, inclusion, and equality are central themes in the research and teaching of prof. Schaafsma. As a social scientist, her interests lie in cultural diversity and intercultural communication, processes of social in- and exclusion, and intergroup hostility and reconciliation. In 2016, she received a prestigious consolidator grant from the European Research Council for an interdisciplinary project (across more than fifteen countries) on the meaning, value, and expression of political apologies across cultures.

Mariëtte Turkenburg

Turkenburg is a tax adviser at the law firm Loyens & Loeff. She advises multinationals on structuring their Dutch, EU or other international investments. She is also on the board of Stichting Topvrouwen. They track and stimulate highly qualified women ready for the boardroom. The foundation aims to make visible talented women and in doing so refute the idea that ‘there just aren’t enough women’.

Angélique Cramer

Prof. Cramer’s main interest concerns the development of models for psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders. She received a NWO innovational Veni grant for her research into network psychometrics: methods for exposing the architecture and dynamics of mood disorders.

Maureen Sie

Prof. Sie works on topics such as implicit bias, love and moral hypocrisy. Funded with a prestigious NWO Vidi grant, Sie explored the implications of the developments in the behavioral, cognitive, and neuroscience for our concepts of moral agency, free will, and personal responsibility.

Linnet Taylor

In Oxford, and as a Marie Curie Fellow at the UvA, Taylor researched social and ethical frameworks around the use of big data. At Tilburg University, Linnet focusses on the interface between big data, human rights and democratic representation worldwide, in particular social and economic inclusion and exclusion through data.

Other Philip Eijlander Diversity Program laureates:

Jenny Slatman, professor of Medical Humanities
Carla de Pietro, assistant professor of Tax Economics
Eleni Kosta, professor of Law, Technology, and Society
Federica Angeli, associate professor of Organizational Studies

The Gender Unlimited  Festival is organized by Gender policy and Academic Forum (Tilburg University), in cooperation with Food for Thought.

When: 08 March 2017 13:00

End date: 08 March 2017 17:30