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Hartslagcafé: Politieke jongeren in debat #GR2018

For whom should you vote in the upcoming city council election? Political talent will help you to decide! Members of political youth organizations will debate with each other and try to convince you that they will be the best choice. (language: Dutch)

Program information
Date Thursday March 15, 2018
Start 0:00- 22:15 hrs, walk in 19:30
Location Muziekpodium Paradox, Telegraafstraat 62, Tilburg
Admission 3 Euro, students free access (student/University card). Tickets via Paradox. Students can make a reservaton by sending an email to
Debate With Joost Westland (JS / PvdA), Maarten van Asten (JOVD / VVD), Miguel Reijnen (Rood / SP), Bas van Weegberg (DWARS / Groen Links), Julian Zieleman (Jonge Democraten / D’66), Rosanne Franken (CDJA / CDA). Debatleider is Victor Vlam.
Language Dutch
Contact Has Klerx
Organization Academic Forum (Tilburg University), debatclub Cicero en Tilburg DebatStad
This activity does not (!) count towards the Academic Forum Certificate

More information

More information about this Dutch event on the Dutch webpage.


When: 15 March 2018 20:00

End date: 15 March 2018 22:15