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Movienight documentary 'What makes us human?'

Discussions with prof. Rens van Loon (TSH) and prof. Jaap Denissen (TSB). The documentary 'Human' won at the international Film Festival the award for Most Popular International Documentary.

It is a movie in which French documentarist Arthus and his team of 16 journalists interviewed 2020 people from 60 different countries, asking each person the same 40 questions, covering many subjects such as family, love, religion, ambition, and failure.

The answers are candid, emotional, and often thought-provoking. In their diversity, they highlight both human universals as well as individual differences. We are all different and yet the same... we are all Human, but also Individual..

Location: Dz1

When: 25 January 2018 18:30

End date: 25 January 2018 21:00