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Poetry Party & Campus Poet Election 2017

On 26 January, Dutch National Poetry Day, it is the perfect occasion to elect the new Campus Poet for 2017. Come and join the Poetry Party, with music and performances, and vote for your favourite candidate!

Program Information
Date Thursday January 26th, 2017
Time 17:00 - 18:30 hrs
Location Tilbury 2, Restaurant building
Entry free
Guests a.o. Jan Völkel, campus poet Tilburg University 2016
Contact Ingemarie Sam and Jan Völkel
Organisation Academic Forum in corporation with Univers and Extra Muros

Vote who will become the new campus poet

Students and staff members of Tilburg University with poetic ambition could send in their work until January 10. The Campus Poet Jury has made a first selection and during the Poetry Party, the candidates will present their poems. They have all submitted at least three poems to the jury, two of which they will perform at the Party. Come and cheer on the contestants and vote for your favourite!

What does the Campus Poet do?

Throughout the year, the Campus Poet gets to comment in poetry on everything that happens on the university campus. He or she can can write about campus life, education and science, current affairs, daily matters, emotions and life in general. His or her poems are published in Univers on multiple occasions during the year and performed live during several events organised Academic Forum and during official events like Night University. In addition, it has become a tradition for Campus Poets to work together with Tilburg City Poets. In addition, they are asked to perform during Tilburg Book Week events and other literary events. This way, Campus Poets make Tilburg University visible in the city in a totally different way, through poetry.

A musical Poetry Party

During the Poetry Party, Jan Völkel, Campus Poet 2016, will hand over his title to his successor. Also, there will be more to experience than just poetry. Singer-Songwriter Eva van Pelt will perform as well. She graduated as a singer from Fontys Rock Academy in 2016 and sings songs in Dutch on the exciting borderline between music and theatre.

For more information in general, see also: Campus poet.


When: 26 January 2017 17:00

End date: 26 January 2017 18:30