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Research seminar Prof. Arnoud Lagendijk

Organized by TiREG and TIG


Arnoud Lagendijk researches regional development and the processes of regionalization in Europe, with emphasis on innovation and economic cluster policies. He also examines the distribution of alternative socio-economic practices (including Slow Food) and policy concepts (area development, public transport) across the world. Both themes are analyzed employing a so-called 'relational approach', probing the nexus between global and local processes.


During the research seminar, Prof. Lagendijk will present the paper titled ‘Regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: towards characterization and recognition’.

In this paper, Prof. Lagendijk claims that successful entrepreneurial ecosystems display the following set of three characteristics:

  • they are self-directed, intelligent governance systems;
  • they use distributed practical intelligence and innovation competencies to boost and serve growth markets, and
  • they manifest reflexive capacities, distributed over human champions and non-human devices (e.g. monitoring), to advance practices of collective learning and to steer effectively between the paths of collaboration and competition.

According to him, however, these characteristics receive little recognition in mainstream policy making and academic research, although evidence supports their validity. Both policy-makers and academics appear to guide their work by a view of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems as other-directed (supported by general rankings and quantitative profiling), fueled by external intelligence (privileging policy and academic analysis) and with a rather instrumental take on collective learning (seen as a practice rather than working philosophy).

In light of this, Prof. Lagendijk concludes that, while there are growing, effective networks of intermediaries supporting learning across Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, policy-makers and academics need to leave their comfort zone of disengaged, transcendental analysis to recognize and foster successful entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Location: Reitse Poort 002 (ground floor), Prof. Cobbenhagenlaan 125, 5037 DB  Tilburg, the Netherlands

When: 16 May 2018 12:30

End date: 16 May 2018 14:00