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Science Café: Weerstand tegen infecties *

Our immune system protects us against all kinds of infections. Mihai Netea (Radboudumc Nijmegen) explains how he tries to evolve immune cells to protect us even more effectively against dangerous diseases. This evening, he will explain how he trains immune cells to do an even better job. (language: Dutch)

Program information
Date Tuesday May 8, 2018
Time 20:00, walk in 19:30.
Location De Harmonie
Admission 3 Euro, students free entry with University card.
Speaker Mihai Netea (Radboudumc). Presentatie is in handen van journalist Ward Deckers.
Language Dutch
Organization Science Café Tilburg, i.s.m. Academic Forum
Contact Has Klerx
*Certificate This activity may count towards the Academic Forum Certificate

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More information about this Dutch event on the Dutch webpage.

Science Cafe Tilburg

When: 08 May 2018 20:00

End date: 08 May 2018 22:30