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TILEC Work in Progress: Inge Graef

Controlling algorithms under EU competition law
10:45-11:45, M 1003

The rise of big data analytics and tools such as pricing algorithms and machine learning are changing the competitive landscape in many industries. The increasing use of algorithms enables firms to improve their pricing decisions and personalise services. While this could generate efficiencies, concerns have also been raised about possible anticompetitive effects. In this context, algorithms are said to make it easier for firms to engage in collusion without the need for human interaction thereby bypassing competition liability. In addition, algorithms may facilitate discrimination against rivals, by giving prominent placement to a firm's own downstream services, as well as against consumers, by way of personalising prices. The central question posed is whether competition enforcement is desirable or required to address such potential anticompetitive effects facilitated by the use of algorithms. 

When: 13 September 2017 10:45

End date: 13 September 2017 11:45

Where: Montesquieu building