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Workshop Big Data & Collective redress in Brussels

In 2016, the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy, part of the Dutch Prime Minister's office, issued a report on the regulation of Big Data. One of the recommendations was that the government should explore whether it is possible to include in the Dutch legal system more legal remedies that transcend the individual. It was argued that the current legal paradigm primarily focuses on protecting individual interests by attributing individual rights to natural persons, while Big Data often affects general and collective interests and natural persons often do not invoke their rights vis-à-vis organizations using Big Data.

As a follow up study, the Scientific Research and Documentation Center, part of the Dutch Ministry of Justice, has asked the Tilburg University to write a report on what such additional forms of protection and legal remedies might look like. The project team has done comparative research, studying legal doctrines and practices such as, but not limited to, class actions, special advocates, group litigation, and constitutional review.

As part of this project, we organize a workshop in Brussels, to discuss the various non-individual legal remedies, their pros and cons and their potential use in the Big Data context. Presentations will be provided by distinguished speakers: Simon Davies (founder of Privacy International), Marc Rotenberg (president of EPIC), Ianika Tzankova (professor of Class Actions and Mass Claim Dispute Resolution, Tilburg University) and Wojciech Wiewiorowski (assistant supervisor EDPS). There is the opportunity after every presentation to engage in discussion with the speakers.

Participation: Free, but register by sending an e-mail to Bart van der Sloot ( You can find the program here.

Location: Neth-ER building, Aarlenstraat 22, Brussels

When: 29 January 2019 10:30

End date: 29 January 2019 17:30