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Human Library Tilburg

Visit the Human Library in Tilburg on November 8, 2017. Instead of a book, you can borrow a 'person' and hear their life story. The many different 'books' that you can talk to include a refugee, an orphan, a transsexual, people with a handicap and people who have a peculiar lifestyle. The Human Library aims to take away prejudices and stimulate social cohesion.


Human Library is an originally Danish concept that is conquering the world. In a Human Library, the 'books' are people who have all experienced or are experiencing a particular prejudice in their lives. They are willing to share their life story and, for one afternoon, they are a book that can be read. The book title describes the stereotype they represent.

Life story

The visitors, i.e., the readers, choose a book with a story on which they have certain presuppositions or questions. They subsequently join the book at the table and the ‘reading’ can begin. The book tells his or her story. The readers can ask the book all the questions they want and, conversely, the books can ask their readers all sorts of questions. In this way, the readers hopefully allow their prejudices to be challenged.

One reader said:

'What touched me most was the personal character of the dialog and the possibility that two people who have only just met for the first time can directly share very personal stories. It was a very special experience for me, a wonderful book that I will not forget in a hurry.'

This event is for all who are interested and is part of the 90th anniversary celebrations.

When: 08 November 2017 00:00