Awareness Week - Nothing to Hide

Nothing to hide? Social Sorting Experiment

Date: Time: 14:00 Location: Black Box

You will experience the manipulative power of digital platforms during this absurdist and interactive performance! Don’t forget your smartphone!

Are you an influencer, or are you a troll still hiding in the closet? Or a cat lover maybe, and addiction-prone perhaps? Your likes reveal everything about you and they are used to manipulate you into buying and watching things, and may even influence what party you vote for. In ’The Social Sorting Experiment’ people in the audience experience first hand the manipulative power of digital platforms during an absurdist and interactive performance in which theater, gaming, and music are joined, and in which you and your smartphone play a leading role. And while you’re at it, who knows, you may well make some ‘good old analog friends’ the old-fashioned way!

Be on time because full is full. And don’t forget your smartphone! This experience is produced by The Smartphone Orchestra.

Nothing to hide?

This event is part of the Privacy & Security Awareness Week. Tilburg University is dedicated to privacy & security from October 2 to 5. We will show you why, as a student, scientist, and employee, you do have something to hide

  • Join the Social Sorting Experiment
  • Visit the symposium: Nothing to hide? Why Privacy matters more than ever
  • And more!
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