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Tilburg Digital Aesthetics Conference

Date: Time: 09:30 Location: CZ 116

This conference aims to bring together researchers thinking and writing on digital aesthetics.

Arguably, the most significant development in modern aesthetics is the ready availability of increasingly powerful computing technology. This technology not only makes possible radically new art forms, but also provides artists with new tools & methods for approaching more familiar artistic forms. So, new technological developments have expanded artists’ repertoire, leading to the creation of digital art.

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in philosophical interest in digital art, which has direct bearing on a number of standard aesthetic issues but also raises entirely new topics of concern. In this way, there is still a great deal of philosophical work to be done when it comes to understanding digital art.

To that end, on 22-23 September, Tilburg will host the Tilburg Digital Aesthetics Conference (TilDA).
For more information, see the conference webpage or contact the organizer, Nathan Wildman (