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Book presentation

Date: Time: 14:30 Location: Auditorium, Museum Catharijneconvent (Utrecht)

Crucifixion is a cruel execution. The prominent role of Jesus’ crucifixion in Christianity and the many depictions of it have influenced our ideas of crucifixion. But Jesus was not the only one who was crucified.

Romans crucified enslaved people (including women), animals, and even own Roman citizens. Research into literary and archaeological findings from Antiquity has led to new insights. In his book, Ruben van Wingerden portrays a picture of crucifixion with as much detail as possible, for example, how crucifixion was performed, the cause of death, and how Romans, Jews and early Christians perceived crucifixion in society.

Wednesday, March 13, is the book presentation in the Auditorium of the Museum Catharijneconvent (Utrecht) between 14:30 and 16:00. Part of the programme is lectures by Prof. Dr. Marcel Sarot on cross-devotion and Dr. Ruben van Wingerden on the painter Jan van Scorel (1495-1562) and the imagination of Jesus’ crucifixion.