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Conference Tilburg University on Digital Transformation (TUoDx)

Date: Time: 09:00 Location: Online

Have you ever wondered how the COVID-19 pandemic and information technology are changing our lives in the fields of cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, our jobs, studying, Big Tech and E-commerce? Then you cannot miss the Tilburg University on Changing Industries conference!

During this free event on January 21, 2021, students from the pre-master Information Management present their findings on their research concerning the developments around the theme COVID-19 & Digital Transformation with the goal to share knowledge and exchange ideas.

We welcome professionals, interested students and researchers to join and share the knowledge concerning the theme “COVID-19 & Digital Transformation” related to the following tracks:

  • Track 1: Cyber Security and privacy
    The rise in volume & sophistication of cyberattacks and the rise in parties looking to access data make the topic ‘Cyber security and privacy’ more relevant than ever. On the one hand side, it is crucial to consider the technological perspective. On the other hand side, the social aspects also need to be considered. Are people more willing to share their data during a crisis situation? How can this data be used securely during the crisis response?
  • Track 2: Business Intelligence & Analytics
    Businesses create an overwhelming amount and variety of data every day. This data is becoming more important nowadays. In order to identify problems, make smarter decisions and be profitable, methods and tools like Business intelligence and Analytics are needed to turn the data into actionable insights. How can those tools work during a pandemic?
  • Track 3: Working and studying from home
    Technology is forced to adapt to the 'new normal': working and studying from home. Will this phenomenon continue after the pandemic and change working life forever?
  • Track 4: The growing impact of Big Tech
    Big Tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon have tremendously enhanced and facilitated today’s socio-cultural interaction as well as access to information. Nevertheless, those technological advancements potentially contain drawbacks. Will the pandemic emphasize the positive or negative aspects of the impact of Big Tech?
  • Track 5: E-commerce developments & COVID-19
    Consumers are shopping online now more than ever before. This comes with huge opportunities for firms, customers and suppliers in the field of artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality. Will this digital transformation cause traditional shops to be erased from the street scene?

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