Tilburg Sustainability Center

Sustainability Factory launch and signing of SDG Pledge

Date: Time: 10:00 Location: Cube

On Monday, February 3, 2020, the Sustainability Factory will be launched as part of a themed week on inclusiveness. Opening this week, President of the Executive Board Koen Becking will sign the Sustainable Development Goals Pledge.

Sustainability Factory launch

The Sustainability Factory is Tilburg University’s ’Green Office'. It is a creative, innovative space where students and staff work closely together to turn ideas about sustainability into real projects that will help make Tilburg University increasingly sustainable. Examples include making our campus sustainable, organizing events, and starting up sustainability projects relating to education. The Sustainability Factory initiative is a crucial step in implementing Tilburg University’s sustainability plan 'Towards a Sustainable University' that was adopted by the University Council in July 2019. The Sustainability Factory adheres to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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Themed week: Inclusiveness

Inclusiveness is the theme of the launch, because it is an important element of Tilburg University’s sustainability policy, but the connection may not always be as apparent as it is real. Even so, a great deal is happening at Tilburg University in this area: in education, research as well as in policy – and the Sustainability Factory is keen to support and encourage this development.

Signing of the SDG Pledge

Opening the week, Koen Becking will launch the Sustainability Factory. As he signs the SDG Pledge, Tilburg University joins the institutions that commit to the SDGs in their policies. The VSNU has endorsed the UN’s SDGs and calls on all Dutch universities to do the same.
The VSNU has also introduced a SDG dashboard tool to show how much is being done in this area.

Activities February 3-7

In addition to the launch of the Sustainability Factory at 10 am on February 3 three campus exhibitions will run for the entire week:
Cube: A brief presentation will be shown in the lobby, featuring a variety of inclusiveness-related topics that are high on Tilburg University’s to-do list, in research and education as well as regarding campus facilities and assets.

Koopmans: 17 large SDG boxes take pride of place in the lobby, all referring to the Sustainability Factory and the presentation in Cube.

Dante: An ‘inclusive’ sitting area contains SDG chairs, each one of which has a booklet explaining an SDG. Every day between 8 and 9 am visitors are invited to drink Sustainabili-tea together, ideally bringing their own mugs.

These sustainability/inclusiveness activities are open to all staff and students at Tilburg University, regardless of how well-informed or involved they are.

More information

For more information about the Sustainability Factory and for contact options go to www.tilburguniversity.edu/sustainability-factory.