Prof. Anita Allen, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, received an honorary doctorate during the 92nd Dies Natalis (anniversary) of our university

Honorary doctorate for Prof. Anita Allen

"Imagine an unimaginable future"

Honorary doctorate awarded to Anita Allen: Imagine an unimaginable future

Published: 05th December 2019 Last updated: 09th December 2019

Anita Allen, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, was awarded an honorary doctorate during the 92nd anniversary (Dies Natalis) of Tilburg University on 21st of November. Such a degree is conferred on someone who has performed exceptionally in their field of academic, social, or political expertise, and Allen received it for her contributions to legal philosophy, privacy protection and diversity in higher education.

Anita Allen

Professor Allen (1953) grew up in the era of strict segregation, in poverty, in Atlanta, Georgia. Her unschooled parents worked hard to ensure their children would get an education. Professor Allen has become a prominent philosopher and lawyer, and is now a highly respected and frequently quoted academic in the field of privacy studies, co-shaping policy at the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Allen has also been appointed to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues by President Barack Obama. She received the doctorate because of the special merits of her entire work. Her work profoundly combines philosophy, ethics and jurisprudence and dares to ask fundamental, uncomfortable questions about legal protection and about the freedom and moral responsibility of the individual, in particular in relation to the right to privacy. Read the speech Professor Allen gave at Tilburg University’s 2019 Dies Natalis: Imagine an unimaginable future’.

 Anita Allen (website University of Pennsylvania).