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KWF/Alpe d'Huzes contributes € 450,000 for cancer research

Published: 15th July 2019 Last updated: 02nd March 2020

Hester Trumpetter (Dept. Medical and Clinical Psychology, TSB) has received a € 468,328 grant from KWF Kankerbestrijding for research into online psychotherapy for (former) cancer patients with neuropathic pain. The subsidy has been raised indirectly through Alpe d’Huzes.

Alpe d’Huzes is an action where participants, alone or in a team, climb the Alpe d’Huez to raise money in the fight against cancer. From the first edition in 2006, Alpe d'HuZes uses the collected funds to promote and support (scientific) research into cancer via KWF, the Dutch Cancer Society.

The project is entitled: Patient-centered development and effectiveness or online Acceptance-and-Commitment-Therapy (ACT) for quality of life in cancer survivors with persistent painful chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. Trumpetter will develop and test an online intervention based on ACT for (former) cancer patients who have chronic pain complaints after chemotherapy. The grant includes an appointment for a PhD.