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Changes in purchases and prices of the sports memberships

Published: 23rd January 2020 Last updated: 23rd January 2020

On the recommendation of the Executive Board, it was decided in the University Council of July 4, 2019 that the purchase and prices of the sports membership will change as of September 1, 2019.

The changes are the result of two developments.

  • First, the VSNU report entitled Publiek-private activiteiten in het WO (Dutch only: public-private activities in university education) has given rise to an evaluation of the sports facilities offered, which are partly financed by public funds. The rules for the use of these resources allow the exploitation of subsidized sports facilities for students and staff. Other groups will have to pay a competitive rate.
  • In addition, there is pressure on the sports facilities. Due to the recent growth of Tilburg University and the expected growth in the coming academic year, the admission of athletes other than students and employees of Tilburg University, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, and Avans University of Applied Sciences has been critically examined.

As a result of the above decision, the following changes will be implemented as of September 1, 2019:

  • 5 HAVO and 5/6 VWO students of the secondary schools in Tilburg are allowed to buy a sports membership for the maximum rate.
  • Employees of our educational partners (JL Rendierhof, 2College Jozefmavo, Beatrix College, De Rooi Pannen and Theresialyceum) are allowed to buy a sports membership for the maximum price.
  • Students of HBO institutions, other than Fontys and Avans, are allowed to buy a sports membership for the maximum rate.
  • “Friend-of-membership" will be cancelled (individual exceptions for players with an important position in a team of a student sports club will remain possible, there will be a special procedure for this).
  • Alumni are only allowed to buy a sports membership up to and including 5 years after graduation, the first year after graduation they are allowed to buy a sports membership for the student rate, as of the 2nd year after graduation they pay the maximum rate.
  • Day tickets are only sold to people with sports rights. 
    (students Tilburg University, Fontys and Avans, employees Tilburg University, Fontys, Avans and education partners, retired employees Tilburg University, students Dutch universities, high school students  in Tilburg, and alumni (up to and including 5 years after graduation) Tilburg University, Fontys and Avans)

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