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Connected Leading: Experience it yourself by doing!

Published: 12th August 2019 Last updated: 23rd August 2019

Tilburg University has developed a shared vision on leadership, called Connected Leading. In principle, Connected Leading is for all our employees. After all, we all we all lead ourselves, our careers, in projects, etc.

Within Connected Leading, there are a number of important elements, such as (increasing your) self-awareness, reciprocity, entering into dialogue, listening, being able to lead as well as follow, and awareness of the context in which you work. The goal of the Connected Leading program is that we learn to apply and/or further develop these elements in our work. To facilitate this development we have set up a Connected Leading Library and we organize workshops for all our employees.

The tango as a metaphor for leadership

In order to experience the Connected Leading elements and to reflect on them, we organized a tango workshop called “Connected Leading: Experience it for yourself!”. The tango is a metaphor for what we want to achieve with Connected Leading. Prof. Hans Lindahl explains this in a short video. Using working methods from the Argentine tango, 10 colleagues started working with Connected Leading at the end of June under the guidance of Anita Verdonk (trainer and coach).

Interview prof. dr. Hans Lindahl about Connected Leading - Tilburg University 

Stories of experience

Maaike Adams and Valesca Tobias share their experiences and recommend participation in the workshop “Connected Leading: experience it for yourself,” and program manager Ramona van der Linden explains the added value the GetAbstract platform as part of the Connected Leading library has for her. We hope that these experiences will make you sufficiently enthusiastic for you to participate in one of the workshops in the autumn or to visit the Connected Leading library.

Maaike Adams, coördinator SKO
Valesca Tobias, PhD candidate
Ramona van der Linden, programma manager Connected Leading

Has your interest been piqued?

Visit the Connected Leading library, where you can use getAbstract, a platform with more than 18,000 summaries of the best management books and video lectures. Or sign up for the workshop “Increase your self-awareness: use your talent,” which we will organize as of October. In this workshop, you will learn how to make better use of your strengths in your work. The workshop “Connected Leading: experience it for yourself” will also be organized again in the autumn.

More information?

Do you have questions about Connected Leading or do you want to know more about increasing your personal leadership? Do not hesitate to send an e-mail

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