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Connected Leading is for everyone: kick-off for leaders

Published: 06th June 2019 Last updated: 13th June 2019

Tilburg University considers it important to support its leaders and to coach them in developing their leadership skills. There are several avenues for growth and one of these is the Connected Leading program. The scope of this program is inclusive: encouraging the development of all members of staff, including leaders of our support staff and current and prospective Heads of Department. A dedicated training offers them an opportunity to further develop their leadership skills. The participants’ supervisors are also closely involved. Practical application is key in this training and, in this way, you as a member of staff will also experience that Tilburg University invests in leadership.

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Strength-based approach

The 11 participating leaders met each other at the recently held kick-off session. Geert Duysters, TiSEM’s Dean and chair of the Connected Leading Steering Committee, opened the session with the quote “People leave bosses, not jobs” to emphasize the importance of leadership and leadership development. The training program follows a strength-based approach because we believe that people develop best when they can tap into their strengths. Duysters also emphasized that leaders are important as role models, who promote Tilburg University’s key values. This will help ensure that Tilburg University continues to offer a good working environment.

More information can be found online on the Connected Leading intranet page—for example, information about the Connected Leading philosophy and how you can develop as a member of staff.

Using your talents

Do you want to improve professionally and make better use of your strengths in your work? Register for the workshop Increase Your Self-awareness: Use Your Talents! For more information, please contact us through

Developing personal leadership

Or would you like to gain more insight into how you can develop your personal leadership potential? Register for the workshop on June 28. Connected Leading: Experience it for yourself and take advantage of it! On Connected Leading, you can find more information about Connected Leading in general.

More information

Do you have any questions about Connected Leading or would you like to know more about the workshops? Please send an e-mail to