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Impact prize for research into freelancers (self employed)

Published: 21st November 2019 Last updated: 06th December 2019

During the biennial Dutch HRM Network Congress for national and international HR researchers, Sjanne Marie van den Groenendaal (PhD Human Resource Studies, Tilburg University) ended first in a research pitch, winning the prize of 3,000 euros.

Researchers could submit a proposal in a Societal Impact Competition in which they explained how they will translate their research into practice in order to generate social impact. The top 3 were allowed to pitch their idea and defend it before a jury. And Sjanne Marie won. The money will be used to implement the proposal in practice.

Sjanne Marie will take a closer look at the career development of freelancers (self-employed). Interviews show that organizations often treat them in the same way as regular employees. As a result, many opportunities are lost, both for the organizations and for freelancers. Sjanne Marie will send out a wake-up call for HR professionals and will develop a toolbox, which can be used to review and apply HR practices for freelancers in practice. The toolbox consists of knowledge videos and a manual with tips and best practices based on her PhD research.