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Involve more international students in decision-making processes

Published: 15th May 2019 Last updated: 21st May 2019

Tilburg University wants to further internationalize its curriculum and its campus. One of the university’s objectives in this context is to have more international students participate in its decision-making processes in the coming years. Tilburg University also wants that international students get to play a more active role in the study and student associations as well as in other extra-curricular activities. Tilburg University will be using different channels to reach its international students.

Symposium inclusiviteit internationale studenten

Last Thursday, May 9, a symposium took place on the inclusiveness of international students in study and student associations. Students and experts debated on how they perceive the existing situation and made suggestions for improvement for associations that want to accommodate more international students.

Various matters were discussed at this symposium.

  • Being part of a group influences your behavior. It also gives you a good feeling. It is easier, less energy, less of an effort. Internationalizing is overcoming barriers (Hans van Dijk, Assistant Professor).
  • I know a lot of people who only speak to people from their own country. Put yourself out there and try to experience everything. Everyone is very nice and welcoming and make sure that you find a home here as well (student in the audience).
  • A few years ago, we started to communicate in English to become more accessible. Not only focusing on internationals, but organizing events for everyone. That will make it more likely that internationals want to join. Do not focus on events for internationals only (student in the audience).

International students in participation bodies
In addition to involving international students in extra-curricular activities, Tilburg University thinks it is important that both domestic and international students participate in governance and decision-making processes. International students are underrepresented in most participation bodies. To get more insight into the things that international students find important, the student parties represented in the participation bodies, namely Vrijspraak, Stimulus, Dante, ECCO, and SAM, are organizing a symposium entitled ‘Do you feel represented?!’. In addition, they will offer students the opportunity during the symposium to provide input on internationalization in the curriculum. This event will take place on May 21, 19:00 – 21:15 hrs. in the International Center, IJzerstraat 21. The event is canceled!