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Tilburg University involved in large multidisciplinary research into energy transition

Published: 13th December 2019 Last updated: 14th June 2022

The European Commission recently presented the European Green Deal, which sets ambitious goals and measures to achieve the Paris climate goals. The switch to a sustainable CO2-neutral energy supply is an important spearhead. The Tilburg professors Martijn Groenleer and Saskia Lavrijssen are both co-applicants for two large-scale multidisciplinary research projects that aim to accelerate the energy transition, supported by NWO with a grant of more than 10 million euros per project.

The Tilburg input ensures that not only the technological aspects of the energy transition are investigated, but also that good thought is given to governance arrangements, rules and institutions to facilitate and promote technological innovations in a responsible manner.

Saskia Lavrijssen is a co-applicant in NEON (New Energy and Mobility Outlook for the Netherlands). Eindhoven University of Technology is the main applicant and various other institutions are involved, such as Erasmus University, the University of Twente and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Within NEON, engineers work closely with social scientists, NGOs and companies to overcome economic, legal and social barriers to the roll-out and scaling up of promising technologies in the field of sustainable energy generation and storage, smart grids and electric transport.

Martijn Groenleer is a co-applicant in RELEASE (Reversible Large-scale Energy Storage). This project is working on new technological possibilities in the field of energy storage where electrical energy is stored and can then be used again. The project focuses on different technologies for the short (2030) and long term (2050). The aim is to join forces with scientists from widely differing disciplines and public and private partners in the field of energy storage and acceleration of sustainability. To achieve scientific breakthroughs in this area, active collaboration within the knowledge chain is of great importance.

For more information please contact prof. Saskia Lavrijssen or prof. Martijn Groenleer.