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Marije van der Lee appointed to Chair of Clinical Psycho-oncology

Published: 19th June 2020 Last updated: 19th June 2020

Marije van der Lee has been appointed extraordinary professor of Clinical Psycho-oncology at the Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology at Tilburg University. The chair, entitled 'What works for whom in psycho-oncology', will be established by the Helen Dowling Institute (HDI), which aims to put psycho-oncological care on the map and on the academic agenda. The appointment took effect on 3 June and runs for five years.

The research theme fits nicely with the multidisciplinary Center of Research on Psychologial and Somatic disorders (CoRPS) and 'personalised prevention and care' of the Tilburg School of Social Behavioral Sciences (TSB).


Cancer is associated with an increased risk of developing post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorder and/or depression. At least a quarter of people continue to suffer from chronic severe fatigue, even after they have been cured. Psycho-oncology focuses on the prevention and treatment of these disorders, enabling people to pick up their lives again or to say goodbye to this life.

Curriculum vitae

Prof. Dr. Marije van der Lee (1973, Amsterdam) has worked at the HDI since 2007 and, in addition to being head of scientific research, also works as a mental health psychologist and (supervisor) cognitive behavioral therapist. She connects research and practice: a.o. she successfully researched and implemented two online treatment programmes that are now available nationwide. She collaborates with various universities and has won many KWF research grants. She is vice-chairman of the Special Interest Group Fear of Cancer Recurrence of the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) and is a member of the KWF assessment committee. 

MArije van der Lee

The Helen Dowling Institute

Since its foundation in 1988, the HDI has been a leading institute in the field of psycho-oncology. The HDI offers professional psychological care to people who have been affected by cancer either as patients  or as relatives. In addition, the HDI conducts scientific research and offers training by the Helen Dowling Academy. The HDI is the largest institute in the Netherlands in the field of psycho-oncology. 

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For more information, interview requests or contact details of Marije van der Lee, please contact Manon van Wijnen, communication advisor at the HDI in Bilthoven: / 030 252 5043 / 06 5420 1556. 
For more information about the HDI, please visit Webpage Marije van der Lee