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Third edition Atlas of European Values available

Published: 12th May 2022 Last updated: 13th May 2022

Do Europeans have shared values? Are those values subject to change? And if so, in what direction? The third edition of the 'Atlas of European Values' attempts to answer these questions. Published once every nine years, the Atlas provides an impressive overview of the development of Europeans' values over the years in the areas of national and European identity, prosperity, migration, sustainability, solidarity and democracy.

Front Atlas European Values

'The Atlas of European Values: Change and Continuity in Turbulent Times' clearly charts the similarities and differences in a wide range of values between the inhabitants of at least 35 European countries. The underlying data comes from the European Values Study. For over 40 years data has been collected in various countries on the development of values within and between countries, from inhabitants of all ages and backgrounds. The Atlas provides insight into the similarities and differences between countries on a wide range of topics within the themes mentioned above. The latest edition of the Atlas was presented on Monday, May 9 in Brussels by sociologists from Tilburg University and handed over to Robert de Groot, Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the European Union.

European Values Study

The data on which the Atlas is based have been collected since 1981 in the European Values Study (EVS). More than 35 countries participate in the study, from Iceland to Azerbaijan and from Portugal to Norway. Tilburg University coordinates this study from the Department of Sociology at the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Data from the EVS also underpin the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence of European Values, recently established in Tilburg, which aims to develop knowledge and education in the field of the interaction between values and (EU)

In addition, the EVS data form the basis of interactive tools and teaching materials for secondary schools within the framework of the Erasmus+ project European Values in Education (EVALUE).

Download de Atlas of European Values 2022

The recording of the livestreams of the European Values Conference 2022 (keynotes) can be viewed here: 

Note for the press

The third edition of the Atlas of European Values is an open access publication and can be viewed and ordered via this link:

More information on the European Values Study can be found here: 

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