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Campus Vision 2040: towards a circular campus connected to the city

Published: 13th July 2023 Last updated: 07th September 2023

As a university, we present our campus vision; our vision and strategy with regard to the Tilburg University campus and how we intend it to look in the future. The campus needs to be able to respond to an ever-changing world, and to offer ground for unexpected opportunities. The campus must also reflect what Tilburg University stands for: contributing towards solutions to the most pressing social and societal issues.

This vision describes the course we will follow in developing specific buildings and areas. The choices we make with regard to new building and renovation have enormous impact. Our first principle is to have a positive effect on people, wildlife, and the environment. We also strive to create a campus which cherishes, stimulates and facilitates community spirit, and fosters encounters and connections. 

“For me, one of the main aspects in choosing a university was the campus.” 
Bendegúz Ken Bonecz

– student Online Culture

Our buildings and grounds contribute directly to the welfare of its students, staff, and visitors, thereby creating the preconditions for excellence in education and research. Real estate is more than just a ‘shell’ in which to hold knowledge. It offers new domains in which students, researchers and lecturers can be challenged to respond to innovative and digital technologies. Our Campus Vision is built on four ‘pillars’: 

  • A campus connected to its surroundings 
  • Sustainable buildings and grounds 
  • An inviting place to meet 
  • Smart concepts 

Read more about how we envision the future of our campus in our ‘Campus Vision 2040 – towards a circular campus connected to the city’: 

Download Campus Vision 2040 

“I expect us to achieve our aims in this nevertheless turbulent and uncertain world, and I express the hope that in 2040 our successors will look back with satisfaction at our vision and its realization.” 

Paulina Snijders, Vice-President, Tilburg University Executive Board