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Tilburg University Dataverse Receives CoreTrustSeal Recertification

Published: 10th March 2023 Last updated: 14th March 2023

Tilburg University’s institutional data repository, TiU Dataverse, has recently been recertified with the CoreTrustSeal, a globally recognized certification that verifies the trustworthiness and sustainability of digital repositories.

This recertification underscores Tilburg University’s ongoing commitment to meeting the highest standards for research data management and preservation.

What is TiU Dataverse?

TiU Dataverse is Tilburg University's institutional data repository, designed to facilitate the sharing and archiving of research data. It provides a secure and reliable platform for researchers to store, manage, and share their data with the academic community, ensuring that the data is preserved and accessible for future use. Using TiU Dataverse has several important advantages for researchers. For example: A persistent identifier is assigned to the dataset, the data can easily be found, researchers can determine their own access levels and terms of use, and the data are safely stored in the Netherlands. Additionally, TiU Dataverse is managed by the Research Data Office (RDO) of Tilburg University Library, so on-campus expertise and support are available.

Importance of the quality mark for the university

CoreTrustSeal is an international quality mark for data repositories that stands for sustainability, reliability, and accessibility. The CoreTrustSeal review process assesses compliance with sixteen requirements related to organisational governance, data management and technical infrastructure. The quality mark guarantees that the data in Tilburg University Dataverse are stored safely and sustainably, and that they have been assessed on a number of quality criteria. The CoreTrustSeal recertification process takes place every three years, ensuring that the repository remains up to date with the latest standards and practices. By obtaining the CoreTrustSeal, TiU Dataverse is a so-called Trusted Digital Repository (TDR). This means that, when researchers deposit their data in TiU Dataverse, they comply with the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) and the requirements of national and international grant providers.

More information

A total of 13 CoreTrustSeals have been awarded in the Netherlands. Tilburg University Dataverse is the first institution of the 17 partner institutions within the Dutch Dataverse network (DataverseNL) to obtain the quality mark.

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For questions, please contact Kars Wijnhoven, Data Steward of the Research Data Office at Dataverse@tilburguniversity.edu.