Frequently Asked Questions concerning coronavirus

Published: 25th February 2020 Last updated: 09th April 2020

Because we at Tilburg University understand that the developments with respect to the coronavirus has a great impact on our students, staff, and campus visitors, we are trying to share as much information as possible on this website. On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers. If your answer is not listed, please contact us: we will be help you as much as we can.

The government has set up questions and answers about the coronavirus and the education sector.

Go directly to  frequently asked questions government 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have set up questions and answers about the coronavirus. The  questions and answers will be updated regularly.

Concerns about your health / prevention

The current situation demands a lot from me as a student. How do I stay mentally healthy now?
The current situation puts a lot of pressure on me as an employee. How do I stay physically and mentally healthy?
 Do I need to take preventive measures? If so, which ones?
I have symptoms of a cold, coughing, or fever. Can I visit the campus?
I have no registration with a general practitioner. Where can I find one? 
I’m currently not insured, what can I do?


Will there still be lectures?
Will there still be exams?
Are there any additional examination measures?
I am an international degree student; can I take part in the exams when back in my home country?
I have study delay because I missed (compulsory) lectures and/or exams
What about the Binding Study Advice (BSA)?
My internship is due to start soon. What do I have to take into account?
Due to the corona-related measures I am delayed during my internship. What should I do?
Will my graduation ceremony go ahead as planned? 
Will the graduation session for my Master’s thesis go ahead?
Where can I go if I have problems with digital teaching?
I'm a lecturer and I want to record a video lecture in a lecture room. What am I supposed to do?
Where can I go with my questions about study choice and career planning and preparation?

Application & Admission

I want to apply for a study program at Tilburg University. By what deadline should I apply?
I cannot hand in a Statement of Educational Institution together with my application for a Bachelor’s program because my school is closed.
My school is not able to stamp my grade list due to coronavirus restrictions.  Can I still apply?
I would like to apply for the academic year 2020/2021 but cannot take a GMAT/GRE/IELTS/TOEFL/Cambridge exam because test centers are closed.
My university is closed. I cannot get an official copy of my Transcript of Records. Can I still apply?
My country is in lockdown, so I cannot get a certified translation of my documents. Can I still apply?
I am a Chinese national and I am required to apply for a Nuffic Certificate, but I have not been able to take an English language test yet. Should I still apply for a Nuffic Certificate?
My final exams will be held later than normal; I will not be able to send you my diploma and final grade list until after August 1.
The IB final exams have been cancelled, but IB diplomas will still be awarded. Will you accept these for admission purposes?
The A level exams have been cancelled this year and certificates will be awarded based on school performance and course work. Will you accept these for admission purposes?
The Cambridge International A level exams have been cancelled this year and certificates will be awarded based on school performance and course work. Will you accept these for admission purposes?


Will the campus close up to and including April 28?
Can I still go to campus to study?
Can I still go to the Library?
The desk of the Student Desk is closed. How can I contact the Student Desk?
I want to pick up my diploma, but the Student Desk is closed. What can I do?
Can I still visit the Maranatha student church?
I need to print important information. Can I use a printer on campus?

Travel to / visiting / return from abroad

I'm an international student and I have questions and concerns about my stay here. Where can I go for help?
I am currently abroad. What should I do?
I am currently on exchange. What should I do?
The starting date of my spring 2020 exchange is uncertain. What can I do if this causes study delay?
I have been selected to go on exchange in 2020/2021. What implications does the coronavirus have on my prospective exchange?
Can I still make business trips?
Can my study trip continue?
Especially for employees: Who will pay my cancelled work-related trip?
I have been in one of the risk areas. What should I do?

Conferences and events

Will events at Tilburg University go ahead as planned?
I organized an event on behalf of my study or student association. Is it allowed to go ahead?
I have a training or meeting outside the North Brabant region. Can I go?
Will scheduled information events go ahead?


Will PhD defenses, inaugural and valedictory addresses still take place? 
How do funding organizations deal with the consequences of the coronavirus?
What should I do when I have a coronavirus-related question about a grant call or application?
What should I do when I have a coronavirus-related question about an externally funded project?
When should I contact the ethics review committee about changes in the project due to the coronavirus?

Financial consequences

On March 25 there will be another collection of tuition fees, do I have to pay that now that the exams have been postponed?
I can't pay my tuition instalment. So what now?
I don't get a study grant from DUO anymore because I can't work anymore. So what now?
Can I stop my public transport card (DUO) as long as the education is online?

Other questions

I am experiencing discriminatory behavior in connection with the coronavirus. What can I do?
Can I make appointments with student counselors?
I want to work from home, what facilities are available?
I receive a commuting allowance and I am currently working from home. Will I continue to receive the allowance?
Can I cancel my planned holiday leave?
How do I sign my R&D form when I am working from home?
The schools/daycare centers are closed and I have no one to take care of my children. Can I take time off?
What is a crucial profession? Can I claim daycare for my children?
I want to go to the Occupational Health Physician for consultation, what do I do?
I am involved in a job application procedure in progress. How do I handle this?
The Sports Center is closed. Do I get my money back? 

Contact details 

If the answer to your question is not listed in the Q&A, you can contact us in the following ways:



  • Do you have a general question about the coronavirus? Then you can call the RIVM information line. Its phone number is: 0800-1351. 
  • If your question concerns Tilburg University and is related to the coronavirus, you can reach us by phone on weekdays between 9:00 hrs. and 17:00 hrs (Also on Friday April 10 and Monday April 13). on 013-466 2684. For international degree students we have a special phone number: 013 466 8784.