FAQ on coronavirus on campus and events

Published: 25th February 2020 Last updated: 24th September 2021

We want to inform you as clearly as possible about the measures and developments on campus. We do this by working out Frequently Asked Questions for you. The questions are regularly updated and complemented on the basis of the questions we receive.

Measures after September 25, 2021

We understand that there are a lot of questions about in what form education will take place, when you are allowed to visit the campus, what rules you must follow in doing so and  what to take into account when organizing an event. The page Tilburg University & corona contains all important information about campus, education, working on campus and events.

On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding the campus and events.

We are happy to be on campus again!

Together we ensure a safe working and learning environment.

  • Follow the hygiene measures
  • Use free self-tests
  • We want to encourage you to get vaccinated
Tilburg University & corona


Our campus has limited access due to COVID-19. 

Everyone must follow the guidelines of the government and the RIVM on campus. In addition to the hygiene measures of the RIVM, Tilburg University's guidelines have been drawn up. 

Can I go to campus to study?
*UPDATED, SEPTEMBER 23* | Do I have to wear a face mask on campus?
Can I get lunch or food somewhere on campus?
Can I order catering?
*UPDATED, SEPTEMBER 23* | Can I go to the Library?
What measures am I supposed to take into account at the Sports Center?
*UPDATED, SEPTEMBER 23* | How about university church Maranatha?
*UPDATED, SEPTEMBER 23* | Can I reserve a room to meet with a larger group (according to RIVM guidelines)?
How are central areas and, for example, lifts kept clean?
*UPDATED, JULY 12* | I need to print important information. Can I use a printer on campus?


*UPDATED, SEPTEMBER 23* | I want to organize an event or meeting. What do I need to take into account?
*UPDATED, SEPTEMBER 23* | I am organizing an event or activity on behalf of my study, sports, or student association. Can this go ahead?
Can my study trip continue?
Will open days and other events for prospective students continue?

Self-test kits and vaccination

Order self-test kits

*UPDATED, SEPTEMBER 7* | Vaccination without an appointment
Why are self-test kits used as an additional measure to facilitate reopening higher education?
*UPDATED, SEPTEMBER 23* | Are students and staff obliged to use self-test kits?
*UPDATED, SEPTEMBER 23* | Do I also have to do a self-test if I have been vaccinated?
*UPDATED, SEPTEMBER 23* | Must universities check whether those on campus can show a negative test result?
*UPDATED, SEPTEMBER 23* | Who are eligible for self-test kits?
*UPDATED, AUGUST 20* | How will the self-test kits be made available?
*UPDATED, SEPTEMBER 23* | When should I use a self-test kit?
What should I do when the self-test kit returns a positive test result?
Should I use a self-test kit when I am experiencing complaints?
How should I store unused self-test kits?

Contact information

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