FAQ on coronavirus for prospective students

Published: 25th February 2020 Last updated: 22nd September 2021

We’re pleased that you have considered Tilburg University to start your studies. All our lives are currently affected on a day-to-day basis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including here at the University. We want to keep you informed as clearly as possible about the latest measures and developments. Do you have a question that is not asked below? Please let us know because others may have similar questions, so we can help each other.

Measures after September 25, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

We have set up questions and answers about the coronavirus. The  questions and answers will be updated regularly.

Application and Admission

*UPDATED, JULY 20* | I would like to apply for the academic year 2021/2022 but cannot take a GMAT/GRE/IELTS/TOEFL/Cambridge exam because test centers are closed.
My university is closed. I cannot get an official copy of my Transcript of Records. Can I still apply?
Can I defer my application?
*UPDATED, AUGUST 13* | I am a final-year Bachelor's student and, due to the COVID-19 measures, I am not sure if I can successfully complete my Bachelor's program. Can I start my Master's program? (Bachelor-before-Master rule)
Because of the COVID-19 measures, I am not sure whether I will graduate from my university (of applied sciences). Can I start my pre-Master's program?
Because of the COVID-19 measures, I am not sure whether I will obtain my university of applied sciences propaedeutic year this year. Can I start my Bachelor's program?


I am not able to travel to Tilburg to start my studies, since I haven’t found (temporary) accommodation. What should I do to de-enroll from education?
Should I book accommodation or not? / Are accommodation start dates flexible?


*UPDATED, AUGUST 25* | Which options do you offer to help me choose a study program?

Start the academic year safely & responsibly!

  • Wash your hands
  • Follow the walking routes
  • Wear your face mask and use free self-tests
See all rules & measures


*UPDATED, AUGUST 20* | In what form does education take place in academic year 2021-2022?
Can I start my degree program online if I prefer not to travel to the Netherlands due to the corona situation?
Can I start my degree program online if I cannot travel to the Netherlands due to the corona situation?
Where can I go with my questions about study choice and career planning and preparation?
*UPDATED, JULY 2* | I have to submit documents (residence permit, copy ID) to the Student Desk. What should I do?


Is the campus open for visits?

Immigration (non-EU applicants)

The embassy/consulate where I want to collect my entry visa (MVV) is closed. What should I do?
The embassy/consulate where I want to collect my entry visa (MVV) does not have any appointment times left available. What should I do?
Within what time frame should I collect my visa after it is approved?
Within what time frame should I travel to the Netherlands after having collected my entry visa (MVV)?
Can I extend my residence permit online from abroad without having to go to the Netherlands?
What happens with my residence permit when I am outside of the Netherlands for a longer period of time, due to COVID-19?

Practical matters

*UPDATED, SEPTEMBER 7* | Vaccination without an appointment
Will the tuition fee be adjusted if part of my courses are offered online?
*UPDATED, JULY 16* | What if I get COVID-19 during the first 10 days of my stay in the Netherlands - Are my medical costs covered?
I would like to follow the Dutch news about COVID-19. How can I do that?
What general measures and rules are in place in the Netherlands with respect to the coronavirus?
*NEW, JULY 20* | What COVID-19 test should I take?
*UPDATED, AUGUST 20* | As an international student, can I get a COVID-19 vaccination in the Netherlands?
*NEW, JULY 16* | I received my first vaccination in my home country. Is it possible to receive my second vaccination after I arrive in the Netherlands?

Travel and (self-)quarantine

*NEW, JULY 16* | Do I need to go into quarantine upon arrival in Tilburg?
*UPDATED, AUGUST 31* | Do I need a negative PCR test upon arrival in the Netherlands or in Tilburg?
*UPDATED, JULY 16* | When should I book my flight?
*UPDATED, JULY 16* | I need to go into self-quarantine, but I need to arrange several practical matters and travel to my accommodation, how do I do this?
*UPDATED, JULY 16* | Is my accommodation suitable for self-quarantine?
*UPDATED, JULY 21* | If I need to stay in self-quarantine, how can I get groceries?
*UPDATED, AUGUST 31* | What if one of my housemates needs to go into self-quarantine? Do I need to go into quarantine as well?
*NEW, JULY 16* | How long is the quarantine period?
*NEW, JULY 16* | My classes start immediately after my arrival, so I don’t have time for a 10 day self-quarantine period.

Contact details 

If the answer to your question is not listed in the Q&A, you can contact us in the following ways:

  • I have a question about my admission or application 
    You can ask your question via this form.
  • I have another question
    Please contact Team Student Information via our form.