FAQ on coronavirus for staff

Published: 25th February 2020 Last updated: 23rd July 2021

A lot has changed for you as an employee due to the COVID-19 measures. This situation raises a lot of questions. We want to inform you as clearly as possible about the measures and developments. We do this by working out Frequently Asked Questions for you. The questions are regularly updated and complemented on the basis of the questions we receive. Do you have a question that is not listed here? Please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have set up questions and answers about the coronavirus. The  questions and answers will be updated regularly.

*UPDATED, JULY 16* | I want to work on campus. What am I supposed to take into account in advance?
*UPDATED, JULY 16* | I want to work on campus. What am I supposed to take into account when on campus?
*NEW, JUNE 3* | Do I have to prove that I have been vaccinated or have a negative self-test before I can come to campus?
*UPDATED, JULY 13* | I have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Can I come to campus to work?
*NEW, JULY 16* | If I take a self-test, can I come to campus to work after a negative result?
My job requires physical presence on campus. Or I want to come to campus several times a week. Do I need to take a self-test each time prior to coming to campus?
*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | What do I have to bring with me if I want to go inside?
*UPDATED, JULY 23* | May I refuse to come to campus for work?
*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | I brought home my chair and monitor. Do I have to take it back for the one day I come to work or can I sit in another office/flex desk?
*UPDATED, JULY 16* | Can I also have meetings on campus and how does that work?
*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | I have an appointment with someone who doesn't work at Tilburg University. Can he or she also go inside?
Can I order catering?
Can I get lunch or food on campus?
Does the ventilation in the building need to be adjusted because of the coronavirus?

Travel to / visiting / return from abroad

Here you find more information about when you are allowed to visit the campus (e.g. for border workers, employees returning from a high-risk area, or employees staying abroad other than on vacation) and what rules you must follow in doing so. Information about when mandatory (home) quarantine applies is also included in FAQs. 

*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | I have been to a risk area. What should I do?
*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | I am a border worker. Can I come to campus?
*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | I am a (new) employee and am currently staying abroad, other than as a result of holidays. What applies to me?
*UPDATED, JULY 8* | I go on holiday to an area for which the travel advice is red or orange. What should I bear in mind?
*UPDATED, JULY 8* | The travel advice for the area where I am on holiday has changed during my stay from green or yellow to red or orange. What should I take into account?
*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | Can I still make business trips?
*UPDATED, JULY 2* | Who will pay my cancelled work-related trip?
*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | Can I still receive guests from abroad for work?
*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | I am currently abroad and cannot return to the Netherlands. What should I do?

HR and working from home

I do not have childcare for my child who is not allowed to attend elementary school, childcare or after-school childcare because of cold symptoms. Can I take leave?
I want to work from home, what facilities are available?
*UPDATED, JULY 23* | I receive a commuting allowance and I am currently working from home. Will I continue to receive the allowance?
*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | What possibilities do I have to spend my holiday leave?
How do I sign my R&D form when I am working from home?
*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | How will R&D interviews take place in the current homework situation?
*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | I am involved in a job application procedure in progress. How do I handle this?
*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | I have a training or meeting. Can I go?
How do I sign and hand in my Options Model form when I am working from home?

(Mental) health

The current situation puts a lot of pressure on me as an employee. How do I stay physically and mentally healthy?
I have tested positive for COVID-19. What should I do?
A person I have been in contact with has tested positive for COVID-19. What should I do?
I either have or one of my household members has (respiratory) complaints. Can I come to campus to work? And what should I do?
I am currently on campus and developing (respiratory) complaints. What should I do?
A colleague or student reports to me that he/she has tested positive for COVID-19. What should I do?
*UPDATED, JUNE 28* | I want to go to the occupational health physician for consultation, what do I do?
I have no registration with a general practitioner. Where can I find one? 
I’m currently not insured, what can I do?
*UPDATED, JUNE 8* | As an international employee, can I get a COVID-19 vaccination in the Netherlands?
I am experiencing discriminatory behavior in connection with COVID-19. What can I do? 
*NEW, JUNE 11* | I have an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination. Do I have to take leave for the hours I cannot work due to this appointment?

Education and exams

What can I do as a lecturer if students do not follow the health instructions during my lecture?
Where can I find more information about the home test kits?
Where can I find more information about education in this current situation?
Where can I go if I have problems providing online or blended teaching?
*NEW, JULY 9* | What is the difference between hybrid and blended education?
I'm a lecturer and I want to record a video lecture in a lecture room. What am I supposed to do?
Where can I find more information about exams in this current situation?


*UPDATED, JUNE 10* | Will PhD defenses, inaugural and valedictory addresses still take place? 
How do funding organizations deal with the consequences of COVID-19?
What should I do when I have a coronavirus-related question about a grant call or application?
What should I do when I have a coronavirus-related question about an externally funded project?
When should I contact the ethics review committee about changes in the project due to the coronavirus?
What software can I use to conduct interviews for my research?
*UPDATED, JUNE 2* |I am a PhD, tenure tracker or postdoc and due to the corona crisis I am concerned that I cannot complete my research within the period of my employment contract. What can I do?

Contact details 

If the answer to your question is not listed in the Q&A, you can contact us in the following ways:

  • Are you an employee and do you have a question regarding the coronavirus and Tilburg University? Then please contact your manager or send an e-mail to

Take care and look out for each other

The current corona situation demands a lot from us.
How do I stay in touch with my study mates or my colleagues?