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Do you feel unsafe? Report it at SafeScience (WetenschapVeilig)

Published: 07th November 2022 Last updated: 08th November 2022

Scientists fulfill a crucial role in society. Yet, they are regularly faced with threats, hate speech, and intimidation. Universities of The Netherlands (UNL), Netherlands Research Council NWO, and Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences KNAW see this as an attack on academic freedom. Therefore they have launched the SafeScience (WetenschapVeilig) platform today. Scientists who do not feel safe can get help 24/7.

Threats and intimidation can have a great personal impact on scientists. Therefore it is important to get help as soon as possible. With SafeScience, UNL hope to make it easier for victims to report threats or aggression. On the website, you can find not only information and advice on this theme, but you can also report harassment.

24/7 help via SafeScience

Is there a threatening emergency situation? Someone will be stand-by 24/7 in the emergency room to help you via phone number (+31) (0)320 - 331 343. In less urgent situations, you can report threats at the website of WetenschapVeilig. https://www.wetenschapveilig.nl/en. This message is then securely forwarded to your employer. They will talk to you about what support is possible and appropriate.

Facilities at Tilburg University

Are you dealing with threats or intimidation and would you prefer to immediately contact someone at the university? We also have our own channels where scientists can go for support in the event of harassment. For instance, you can talk to one of our confidential advisors or check out what other options Tilburg University offers in the event of psychological symptoms. Are you in an emergency situation? Please call our local emergency number: 013 – 466 2525.