Erik-Jan Broers

Erik-Jan Broers nominated for Teacher of the Year 2023

Published: 10th February 2023 Last updated: 04th July 2023

Tilburg University has nominated Erik-Jan Broers for the national Teacher of the Year 2023 election. What makes him unique as an instructor? What are his views on education after 30 years on the job? "I do not treat my students as passive listeners, but as critical interlocutors."

On April 24, the Dutch National Students’ Association (ISO) elects the national Teacher of the Year 2023 from among the many people nominated by higher education institutions throughout the Netherlands. We are thrilled and proud to nominate our very own Teacher of the Year, Erik-Jan Broers. Watch the video and discover why:

If you are a Tilburg Law School student or alumnus, chances are that Erik-Jan taught you at one point. “I acquired my didactical skills and experience in the almost thirty years that I have worked at Tilburg University as an instructor. I teach European Legal History (to 500 first-year students), The History of Criminal Law, and The History of Tax Law. After thirty years, it is still a privilege to practice my profession,” Broers says.

Erik-Jan Broers - Docent van het Jaar

Teaching is a privilege.

"In my lectures, I discuss historical situations and I contrast them with the perspectives of young, modern students. I use their indignation about attitudes of the past to encourage students to explain a phenomenon based on the social attitudes prevailing at the time." 

Humor, commitment, and original teaching methods

For decades now, Erik-Jan has succeeded in stimulating students’ enthusiasm, commitment, and development. “Erik-Jan manages to present the obviously dry subject matter of Legal History with lightness and liveliness. He knows how to bring current events to the lecture hall in his own unparalleled and entertaining ways,” Vic Pijnenburg states. Crisa Matias says: “I really enjoyed the games of quartets with Erik-Jan and fellow students. It was fun as well as instructive. It’s great that you can interact with a professor in this way.”

Erik-Jan is a committed and broad-minded specialist who teaches his lectures with great passion and expertise.

-  Prof. Wim van de Donk, Rector Magnificus and President of the Executive Board

“Erik-Jan does not only have the knowledge and skills necessary for teaching at a high academic level, but also knows how to challenge students and encourage their critical thinking. Finally, thanks to his original teaching methods, he manages to keep students engaged. He has succeeded in not merely cramming his students’ minds with knowledge but to nourish them with insight and understanding.”

Wim van de Donk 2021
  • Antje Beers

    Antje Beers


    “Hij is inhoudelijk supersterk en lijkt wat dat betreft op een geschiedenisencyclopedie, maar hij is ook echt een warm figuur met oprechte interesse in het welbevinden van studenten op de universiteit.”

  • Lezgin Dogan

    Lezgin Dogan


    “The way he engages all students in his stories, that’s just fascinating.”

  • Laura Matthijs

    Laura Matthijs


    “Sometimes I’m in a lecture hall and almost forget I’m attending an academic lecture on Legal History. It feels like I’m engrossed in a presentation on a historical subject for the sheer fun of it.”