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Educational innovation opportunities by participating in 'Startup in Residence EdTech' program

Published: 20th June 2022 Last updated: 21st June 2022

Professionals at Tilburg University are continually working on new ways to transfer knowledge. We stimulate these initiatives with technology-rich learning spaces and facilitating innovation projects undertaken by lecturers, Schools, and programs. For this purpose, Tilburg University has recently entered the pilot program "Startup in Residence EdTech”, that facilitates collaboration between higher education institutions and creative educational technology startups on solving complex educational challenges.

The EdTech working group for educational innovation within the Acceleration Plan is launching the Startup in Residence (SiR) Edtech program. For six months, universities will work together with innovative companies on challenges within higher education, where educational technology offers a possible solution. Startups get the opportunity to work on a solution with a university. Various higher education institutions are looking for an EdTech solution for a challenge they are facing.

EDUiLAB, the Educational Innovation Lab at Tilburg University, has contributed two challenges in collaboration with the Schools. The challenges of Tilburg University are (1) a lack of quality and quantity of student feedback through course evaluations, and (2) very high staff workload when grading essays in large courses. The goal of the SiR Edtech program is to develop a solution for these challenges through co-creation.

People who recognize these challenges in their daily work and would like to collaborate on solving them with creative companies and start-ups that could help solving one of these challenges, can still contribute.

Read more about this program and our challenges here.