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Jolien van Gennip receives Prof. Jac. Geurts Extended Master Award for research into sustainable organizational change

Published: 25th June 2021 Last updated: 25th June 2021

Scientific research carried out in and for practice provides great societal added value. The extended master of the Organization Studies program, the first of its kind at Tilburg University, therefore links graduation to a traineeship. Since 2020, the 'Prof. Dr. Jac. Geurts Extended Master Award' is awarded to the research with the most value for practice. Jolien van Gennip researched at Sligro Food Group which factors contribute to sustainable organizational change and won the award: “The extended master is a wonderful kick start for your career. Moreover, the direct applicability made writing my thesis more fun. I am happily surprised with this award and I will wear the title with pride!”

Marloes van Genabeek (company supervisor on behalf of Sligro Food Group): “Jolien's master's thesis has made a major contribution to Sligro Food Group. Her thesis shows that securing change is a very important factor in the entire change process and is key to achieving lasting change. Our organization operates within a dynamic environment, in which rapid adaptation to various factors is very important. Jolien’s research helps Sligro to focus on the elements that contribute to sustainable change, so that we can improve our customer service every day.”

New partnerships, projects, changes of direction and efficiency improvements are daily business in many organizations and bring change that helps the organization move forward. The latter is often temporary in nature; securing change proves to be a challenge.

Jolien van Gennip en Roel Rutten

Jolien van Gennip: “I researched which factors have a positive influence on securing changes. To this end, I questioned various project managers on characteristics related to how they see their role, communication style, change expertise and willingness to change. An important tip in the context of sustainable change is: even after implementation of the change, continue to make visible what it yields in, for example, saving time or money. By consistently doing that for a longer period of time, there is a greater chance that changes will stick.”

About the Prof. Jac. Geurts Extended Master Thesis Award

The prize for the best extended master thesis is named after professsor Jac. Geurts. The emeritus professor of Organization Studies who has always championed research in practice. The prize is awarded as an extra incentive for students who opt for the Extended Master and thus directly add value to practice with their research.