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1.1 million funding for research into supervision in organizational networks

Published: 21st July 2021 Last updated: 29th August 2022

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded funding to three research projects within the National Research Agenda, that will provide insights into the renewal of independent, public supervision. One of the winning projects was submitted by Professor of Public Governance Patrick Kenis together with co-applicants Jörg Raab (TSB, Organization Studies), Cor van Montfort (VU), Mirella Minkman (TIAS) and Melanie Ehren (VU). They will conduct research into innovative ways of supervision in organizational networks that deal with complex social issues in the domains of care, social housing, education and safety. Over 1.1 million euros has been allocated to the project.

Patrick Kenis

Societal issues increasingly require collaboration in organizational networks. However, the existing methods for supervision are often not suitable for this type of networks.

Patrick Kenis: “An organizational network is an increasingly common way to get things done. However, the tools for organisation, coordination and governance that we have at our disposal are mainly based on the classic independently operating organization. That is why there is an urgent need for knowledge about how, for example, organizational networks can be monitored.”

Kenis's research focuses on developing innovative supervisory arrangements for organizational networks. The knowledge from his research is translated into a toolbox for supervisors and an education module.

Renewal of Supervision

NWO awards the funding within the Renewal of Supervision research programme. Public supervision touches the core of our constitutional state. Due to economic, social and technological developments, regulators are faced with all kinds of new issues. A total of 4.31 million euros has been allocated to three research projects. The program came about thanks to the initiative and support of the 21 government inspectorates and market supervisors. The awarded research projects focus on issues and solutions related to the legitimacy and authority, quality and professionalism and the social accountability and public value of (public) supervision. Read the NWO press release for more information.