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Corien Prins: Government must open eyes to impact AI and digital disruption

Published: 28th June 2023 Last updated: 28th June 2023

Legal tools available for consumer protection, liability and digital archiving are insufficient to properly manage the development of Artificial Intelligence, argues Professor of Law and Computerization Corien Prins of the Tilburg Law School. She is also president of the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). Europe has now drafted initial legislation, which she welcomes, but the approach is still "fledgling", she states in an NRC-interview in June 25.

Much more legislation is needed to embed digitization and AI in government, businesses and organizations. She calls Dutch politics "insufficiently sensitive to the changes and dangers, leading only to 'ad hoc steps'. Prins also argues for closer contacts between the government and scientists, who can advise on steps to be taken.

Read the full interview in NRC (in Dutch)