Green resolutions for 2020!

Green New Year’s resolutions for 2020

Published: 08th January 2020 Last updated: 14th January 2020

Tilburg University is committed to a sustainable society and challenges its researchers, teachers, support staff, students, and relations to contribute. We have listed a number of green tips for you.

1. Refill your water bottle
Do not buy bottles of water, but refill your sustainable water bottle free of charge every time at one of the water taps on the campus. Reusable water bottles are now available in the vending machines. In using them, you will contribute to reducing the amount of plastic waste produced on campus.

2. Collect your plastic tops
If you buy a fizzy drink in a plastic bottle, at least save the top. There are collection bottles in various places on the campus.

3. Use a coffee mug
Avoid the disposable cups when you get a coffee from the coffee machine and use your own mug. Did you know you will get a discount if you do? If you've forgotten your mug, use the same disposable cup a few times. 

Sustainable initiatives at Tilburg University

  • The Sustainability Factory is Tilburg University’s 'Green Office'. It is a creative, innovative place where ideas are concretized, in close collaboration between students and staff, into projects that make the University more and more sustainable.

Read more about the Sustainability Factory

  • Since August 15, our campus has been smoke-free.
  • We have a Wadi (rainwater harvesting system) on campus to collect rainwater and allow it to be slowly absorbed into the ground via natural purification. In this way, groundwater is replenished and clean water does not enter the sewage system.
  • Our campus waste is separated afterwards.
  • 36,000 liters of rain water stored underneath the Tilburg University Sports Center is used to flush toilets.
  • In the past two years, Library & IT Services has sold a great deal of end-of-life equipment and donated the proceeds to the University Fund. An amount of € 20,000 was raised in this way, enough to give a student a scholarship.