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Hip Hop Icon inducted to Wall fo Fame

Published: 26th November 2021 Last updated: 27th July 2022

Multiple World champion Hip Hop Dance Chilton Galimo was moved and proud to be added to the Tilburg University Wall of Fame. As a first generation university student, Chilton is very thankful of the opportunities he has gotten at the university. After his Communication- and Information Science bachelor he continues to build his legacy.

With his Dukebox Foundation Chilton tries to connect a variety of social groups with each other through Dance. Main themes he works on throughout his foundation are diversity and inclusiveness.

Tilburg University is very proud of Chilton and will follow his future endeavors with great interest.

Tilburg University honors those who excel in combining these two careers on the Wall of Fame at the Sport Center. Every year, a maximum of three student athletes are selected to be inducted. This includes student athletes of Tilburg University, Avans, and Fontys Tilburg.

Hall of Fame - Chilton Galimo