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Hans-Georg van Liempd appointed as the new Secretary of the university

Published: 12th February 2021 Last updated: 15th February 2021

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The Executive Board has appointed Hans-Georg van Liempd as Secretary of the university and as Managing Director of University Services, effective February 15, 2021. The Secretary plays a crucial role in supporting the Executive Board.

He has a special responsibility in preparing and implementing decisions made by the Board, in constant consultation with the Deans, Schools, Divisions to optimally equip our students and staff for their important work in research, education, and society. The Executive Board is delighted to appoint Hans-Georg van Liempd in this position.

In addition to Hans-Georg van Liempd’s primary task as Secretary, he will be responsible, as the Managing Director of University Services, to foster, coordinate, and safeguard the collaboration among the Divisions on key policy themes and business operations. Hans-Georg van Liempd will therefore also lead the Executive Services Division. 

He succeeds Rob van Hensberg, who will fill the role of Program Manager for Strategy within the Executive Services Division.

At the moment, Hans-Georg van Liempd is the Managing Director of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Before that, he was the Director of the International Office and interim Managing Director of Tilburg Law School and of the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences. 
Hans-Georg van Liempd has worked for the university since 1989 and holds a Master's in Economics from Tilburg University. He also filled various management positions outside the university. In addition, he has a number of ancillary positions in the framework of European collaboration and is also active in Tilburg, the city with which our university has a special bond.