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How we take care of the trees on campus

Published: 28th February 2023 Last updated: 02nd March 2023

The greenery on the campus looks different this winter. The plane trees on the Esplanade have been heavily pruned and logs have been placed around the monumental trees near Cobbenhagen, all to improve the lifespan of the trees.

Pollarding the plane trees

The large plane trees on the Esplanade have been heavily pruned. The pruning method used is called "pollarding", which extends the lifespan of the trees, prevents branches from falling to the ground, and reduces root pressure. This ensures the safety of the campus. The large plane trees have now been pruned this way; the small ones will be taken care of in a few years’ time.


Leaves around the trees

At Tilburg University, we are used to having leaf-free lawns, but leaves are actually very important for the health of the trees. The leaves form a natural mulch layer that provides nutritients, which is important for the soil, soil life, and the trees themselves. In addition, it has an insulating effect in the winter and also serves as a resting and sheltering place for various insects, birds, and small mammals.

To keep the lawns around Cobbenhagen building leaf-free, logs have been placed around the old and vulnerable monumental trees. This will keep the leaves around the tree trunk and prevent them from being blown across the lawn.