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HSRI PhD projects 2021 awarded: new interdisciplinary research on broad societal themes

Published: 07th June 2021 Last updated: 07th June 2021

For the second year in a row, the Herbert-Simon Research Institute (HSRI) - Cross-Cutting Theme PhD projects have been awarded within Tilburg School of Behavioral and Social Sciences (TSB). Out of 33 proposals of excellent quality, 6 winning research proposals were chosen. Congratulations to all winners! The projects are carried out in line with the multidisciplinary cross-cutting themes, with the aim of integrally investigating complex societal issues.

For each cross-cutting theme, two projects are awarded. All proposals have been reviewed by two independent external reviewers each, which had specific expertise in multi-disciplinary research in the related theme. The Management Team of TSB made the final decision which projects to fund.

  1. Adaptive societies, organizations and workers

  • Outsourced labor platforms and the Global South: Factors shaping independent workers’ working conditions and well-being - Francesca Ciulli, Robin Bauwens, Brigitte Kroon, Ivana Vranjes, & Leon Oerlemans [OS, HRS, SP]
  • Understanding physiological responses to daily acts of workplace exclusion: Behavioral interventions for actors, targets and bystanders - Sanne Nijs, Stefanie Duijndam, Hans van Dijk, Marloes van Engen, & Charissa Freese [HRS, MCP, OS]
  1. Healthy Lifespan

  • Developing automated risk stratification for infectious complications in secondary immunodeficiency - Esther de Vries, Bennett Kleinberg, & Katrijn van Deun [Tranzo, MTO]
  • Life after Trauma; a patient-centered approach to personalize trauma care - Margot Joosen, Marjan Bakker, Mariska de Jongh, Daphne van der Kruijssen, Nina Kupper [Tranzo, MTO, HRS, MCP]
  1. Personalized Prevention and Care

  • The transition to parenthood as a critical developmental milestone: Unravelling the sources of individual variability in hedonic and eudemonic well-being - Olga Stavrova, Anne Reitz, Katya Ivanova [SP, DP, Soc]
  • Developing workplace interventions to stimulate a healthy working life for all - Dorien Kooij, Renée de Reuver, Nina Kupper [HRS, MCP]

About the HSRI-PhD positions

The Herbert Simon Research Institute (HSRI) is a research institute within Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB). HSRI is dedicated to excellent, state-of-the-art research to contribute to healthy, resilient and self-reliant people, in the face of social, physical and emotional challenges. In addition, the research contributes to resilient societies and organizations that are responsive to current and future developments. HSRI aims to facilitate research programs and strengthen the research profile of TSB. To this end, and among other research groups within HSRI, three ‘cross cutting teams’ have been established in which complex, societal problems are examined in an integrated manner from multiple research disciplines.

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