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HSRI Seed Funding 2021 granted - new interdisciplinary research within three Cross Cutting Themes

Published: 13th July 2021 Last updated: 13th July 2021

For the second year in a row, the Herbert Simon Research Institute (HSRI) has granted so-called ‘Seed funding’ for seven new, interdisciplinary research projects. With this funding, HSRI fosters cross-departmental and interdisciplinary collaborations within the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB). With the funding of €70k in total, distributed evenly over the different projects, researchers from different departments within TSB can conduct new research on socially relevant topics. Congratulations to all winning researchers!

All winning projects are in line with the three cross cutting themes: Adaptive societies, organization and workers, Personalized prevention and care and Healthy lifespan.

And the winners are…

Adaptive societies, organization and workers:

  1. Uncovering the most robust predictors of belonging in the workplace, Dongning Ren & Hans van Dijk [SP, OS]
  2. Understanding organizations’ adaptive responses invoked by the Corona pandemic: Toward a behavioral theory of organizational adaptation to adverse events, Marius Meeus, Karina van de Voorde, & Tine Buyl [OS, HRS]
  3. Values and Perceptions about COVID-19 Digital Monitoring Solutions: A Longitudinal Perspective, Ashley Metz & Tim Reeskens [OS, SOC]

Personalized prevention and care:

  1. The role of positive psychological constructs in health behavior and outcomes among patients with cardiovascular disease, Mirela Habibović, Paul Lodder, & Jos Widdershoven [MCP, MTO]
  2. Feasibility and added value of experience sampling method measuring fatigue and pain in patients with lung and renal cell cancer – a pilot study, Floortje Mols, Katrijn Van Deun, Belle H. de Rooij, Marije van der Lee, & Corina van den Hurk [MCP, MTO, IKNL Utrecht]

Healthy lifespan:

  1. Understanding the why in successful ageing among cancer survivors: Examining the role of inflammation and the kynurenine pathway, Dounya Schoormans, Lonneke van de Poll-Franse, Nicola Ballhausen, Margot Joosen, &  Katrijn Van Deun   [MCP, DP, TRANZO, MTO]
  2. Neurophysiological correlates of personality-cognition relations across the adult lifespan, Alexandra Hering, Geert van Boxtel, Gabriel Olaru, & Yvonne Brehmer [DP, CNP]

Read more on the winning research projects here.

About HSRI Seed funding

All TSB researchers were invited to participate in an open competition for Seed funding projects. A maximum of 10K in total budget for research costs (e.g., data collection costs, research participants payments, knowledge dissemination costs, research assistant costs) can be applied for. A total of 70K was reserved for these projects in 2021 - distributed across the three-cross-cutting themes.  The proposals were evaluated on five criteria: fit within selected cross- cutting theme, added value of the interdisciplinary collaboration between at least two TSB departments, feasibility ((e.g., time, effort, expertise of applicants), scientific relevance, and societal relevance.